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Co-Chairs' Circle ("CCC") is an informal platform for the exchange between young arbitration practitioner groups.


More and more groups are founded throughout the world by young lawyers practicing in international arbitration. Most of them operate under the auspices of an arbitral institution, an arbitration association or an institute.


The young generation takes an active interest in shaping the future of international arbitration. Many young arbitration practitioners worldwide are dedicated to building their own practice. This development relates both to international commercial arbitration and investment arbitration.


Given the continued proliferation of young arbitration practitioner groups, it was time to create an informal platform for Co-Chairs across the organizations to meet and exchange ideas about topics they consider relevant, to jointly reflect on current trends and to team up in order to have a stronger impact as the young voice of the international community.

Currently, around 30 young arbitration practitioners' groups participate in the Co-Chairs' Circle:




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The Global Co-Chairs' Circle Conference took place every 2 years since 2014. It is organised and hosted by one of the member organisations of the CCC, with the support of the other organisations.

It is open to all lawyers, academics and in-house counsel practicing or having an interest in International Arbitration.

The first global conference of the Co-Chairs' Circle, co-hosted by DIS40 (the under 40 group of the German Arbitration Institute) and Humboldt-University, took place in Berlin, Germany in 2014 and looked at cultural differences in international arbitration. The fully booked conference was attended by 150 young arbitration practitioners from 25 countries.

The second global conference took place in Helsinki, Finland in 2016 and was hosted by YACF (Young Arbitration Club Finland). The conference focused on controversy in international arbitration.

The third global conference took place in Rome, Italy in May 2018 and was hosted by ARBIT (Italian Forum for Arbitration and ADR).

The fourth Global Conference will take place in Brussels, Belgium in June 2022 and will be hosted by CEPANI40. Up to 170 participants will be welcomed to attend!



CEPANI40 is the under 40 group of the Belgian Center for Arbitration and Mediation (CEPANI).

It was founded in 2004, under the auspices of CEPANI. The organisation is specifically aimed at young professionals with an interest in arbitration.

With CEPANI40, we wish to offer a forum for young persons interested in arbitration, where they can exchange views, ideas and experiences about arbitration in a friendly and informal manner.

To this end, CEPANI40 organises regular meetings, conferences and networking events where practice-oriented issues are addressed by arbitration experts. This way, we work to create opportunities for young professionals to debate all aspects of the practice of arbitration and to enable them to further engage in their area of interest.


CEPANI40 is currently co-chaired by:

Sophie Goldman, Partner, Tossens Goldman Gonne

Sigrid Van Rompaey, Partner, Matray Matray & Hallet


CEPANI40 is delighted to host the Fourth Global Co-Chairs' Circle Conference, providing for a unique opportunity to welcome young practitioners from all over the world and to highlight its young community and the city of Brussels as an arbitration hub.







Start: June 2, 2022
8:00 PM
End: June 4, 2022
3:00 PM

Conference (FEB-VBO)

Rue Ravenstein 4
1000 Brussels




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